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>> i think you're going to do a great job, man. thanks a lot. >> listen up, single ladies. are you looking for an out-- -shape, mostly unemployed former backup dancer who has five kids by three different women? well, keep looking because k-fed is officially off the market! >> kevin federline got married! k-fed, dude! >> i know! >> wow, someone's excited. but yes, k-fed tied the knot with his third baby mama and girlfriend in five years victoria prince in chaffs surely a romantic ceremony at the hard rock hotel in vegas. >> there wasn't a lot of people. few family and friends. wasn't a big deal. got their marriage license in vegas and did it. >> big muzzle tov is in order because -- >> as of now it's lasted longer then britney spears' las vegas marriage. >> right, 55-hour plane with jason alexander.
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so many memories. but back 0 k-fed. if he and victoria made it past the crucial 5-hour mark, they must really be committed, to living off britney's money. >> what is he doing to make some? >> i think he lives off child support. >> maybe she's supporting him, victoria. >> what does she do? >> she's a volleyball coach. >> there goes that. >> what are you laughing at? >> coaches don't make a lot of money. >> body and ax spray don't come cheap. maybe they do. >> maybe she's happy. >> why not? k-fed's got a great rack. good luck, you craze yids! no, we meant k-fed's actual kid, good luck, seriously. >> how are you doing? >> we have vince, the shlamar guy. this is interesting. he's an ex-scientologist. i was a scientologist way back in 1982. lived in early 2000's. >> we talked about leah remini. >> i was wondering what you thought about leah remini
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leaving the church? zi hi it's pretty bravement >> brave, right? >> yeah. >> we started talking about scientology, get vezz uncomfortable. not like he usually is, you know. >> you think she's a hero? really? >> i don't think too much. >> you don't think too much? >> otherwise, it would be something different, you know. >> that's the problem with this church. just can't leave that church. >> they try to get mike when he went there. >> i went there to meet with someone because i knew about tom cruise having suri. they have a restaurant in the celebrity center. so i walked in. what do you want, mike? i said ice tea. so i start drinking it. best ice tea i have ever had! [laughter] that was six years ago. i'm telling you, i still think about that ice tea, dude. >> somebody told me too that place has the best buffet. >> that would have got me right there. i would be like, i'm in! [laughter] >> thank you very much, man. >> that's former "anger
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management" star selma blair with her beautiful son arthur on the trolley at the grove and -- oh, dear god, is that a boobie! and e whips out a boob starts breastfeeding. on the trolley in front of everyone. >> trolley boob. >> yes, trolley boob. the san francisco teeth! but is breastfeeding a public right or a pble wrong? "tmz" in-breast-gates. >> she's trying to send a message. >> true, some guys are ok with it. hell, some are even into it. >> my cousin had a baby. i was watching her breastfeed for a couple bucks. i will tell you, ladies, that's amazing. >> some people are against public breastfeeding. >> last week at a chick-fil-a, a woman was asked to stop breastfeeding her 5-month-old in the restaurant. >> chick-fil-a against aboobs and gay marriage. what the hell are you guys into? anyway, they went back and staged a nurse-in and selma
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perhaps showing her support by public breastfeeding. >> notnly maximizing viewership on the trolley so everyone in the entire grove can see. >> there's only one way to settle this -- a website poll! we asked you guys if public breastfeeding is ok and 56% of you said yes. so, ladies and selma, feel free to go half girls gone wild on public transportation. >> we could have her breastfeed on the "tmz" bus. i'm serious, we will do breastfeeding charter. >> "tmz" tour, it's a meal and wheels. thanks, selma's boob! > so we got a special screener of the mileo sex tape. >> oh, god. >> i feel bad saying this. it's not the best sex tape i have ever seen. >> really? >> yeah. >> i don't know. it's like one of the one where's you look at the picture and you're like you don't want to look clicking it's like -- >> do you know whose fault this is again?
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chad's fault. >> just like kim. found kim. found the shot of kim's ass years and years ago. >> yes, you do. remember this is the same woman called chewbacca that day in the meeting. first time we saw miles on the beach with kris humphries. >> oh, right! >> who does she look like? >> chewbacca. >> how how many months late later she has a sex tape. >> i would rather see a chewbacca sex tape. that would be at least -- >> yeah, that would be fun. >> how many amazing sounds would chewbacca make during a porno, dude? [laughter] >> comes out, he's like i shaved for you. [laughter] >> coming up -- >> scott disick posted a photo of the whole family at the last supper. scott's face is over jesus and then replace all of the little heads with all of the different family members. >> wouldn't it be great if kourtney were jewish? >> plus zsh sean penn. he's jacked. >> growth hormone! >> why you guys think any man
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shave sd cheat something >> i drink like a fish and i'm in great shape. >> coming up -- >> mike dee from the beastie boys. >> do you think broadway is ready for mususususususususususs
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>> "tmz" art history mystery presents, the kardashian code. ♪ amen >> and what the hell? >> scott disick posted a photo on instagram over the weekend, himself and the whole family -- >> what the hell is this called again? >> the last supper. >> the last supper. >> oh, my god! >> who painted it? >> michelangelo? >> no, leonardo. not the turtle, the guy. got it? cool. anyway, analysis. we have got featured prominently in the place of jesus christ. to his right baby mama kourtney kardashian super-imposed over the image of -- >> that's better. >> no, kim is second from the left. kidding! but seated next to her -- >> he added kris humphries in there. >> that's the best part of the whole picture!
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>> no, no, no. the best part of the whole picture is that he didn't make kris humphries judas. he made kendall jenner jewish. >> one of us amongst us has already betrayed me in night. >> who, who, who can it be? >> judas! want a beverage! >> i don't they he knew. >> he knew what he was doing. >> why do you suppose kendall's judas? >> she will steal it from kim. >> interesting, rather byzantine move from scott disick. >> he didn't make it? >> no, he didn't make it. >> she did everything. >> why are you ruining this? >> i'm just saying i don't believe scott disick knows how to instagram. >> i had so much fun sunday. i researched it and went wait that's judith and kendall. i was so excited about it. >> that's what you did a whole sunday for you?s0 >> sounds like a party! thanks thanks, scott and kendall and thank you, kris!
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>> i like painting! >> ok. >> hey, miss winfrey clm >> oprah on the vegan food. >> may i say -- have you been to this restaurant? >> not yet. we're going to come. >> this is the best, best vegan food you ever had in your life. >> is this the place on melrose? >> down around crossroads. >> i have never been there but i heard it's good. >> loving it. all soyed out. >> soyed out. >> big boobs. >> if you're smoking weed and eating a bunch of vegan food, watch out. >> what? >> men breast too. t.h.g. of chemicals. >> an lidgic, gary. >> i looked at peter. [laughter] >> yet another thing to worry about. >> yeah. [laughter] >> thank you, miss winfrey. >> thank you, oprah! >> and now sean penn, 31 years afterfast times at ridgemont high," -- >> where the birthday party
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here? >> re-creates the famous scene! see, he's not wearing a shirt. rt of like here, wearing jeans! >> he's jacked. >> how jacked? >> i would say more jacked then he's ever been. >> that's a fact, jack! >> we put up a photo of him back in '82 when he was 21. >> and 52-year-old sean is way more ripped. it's a testament to hard work, healthy eating and -- >> growth hormones. growth hormones. >> hey, we don't know that. we can only hope so we don't have to actually exercise. >> why do you guys think any man is in shape is cheating. >> sean penn is also smells like a chimney so i don't think of him as a big workout guy. >> yeah. he can't smoke like he does and exercise enough to get that bod. >> i don't move ever. and i drink like a [bleep]. and i'm in great shape. >> by great shape, he means alive. anyway, back to the matter at
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hand. who would you rather, saun pen now or then? and 72% say you want sean now! congrats, sean. ut take a bow. >> you should not drive! >> classic! >> we have mike d from the beastie boys. we say do you think broadway is ready for a hip-hop musical? >> only if laurence fishburne was involved. >> really? >> that's the only way. >> hip-hop-ra. >> what makes him the standard on that? >> r-kel's in there too. r-kelly and laurence fishburne. combined. combine forces on it. >> r kelly musical? ♪ i'm singing in the rain [laughter] it's a pisser! >> hime a huge fan.
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thank you. >> coming up -- >> stephenie meyers, author of "twilight." we say do you have any suggestions how to cast "50 shades of grey." she's like no, i haven't read it. >> she had to have read it. >> she's hard-core mormon. >> they will read it through a hole on the sheet.
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>> taylor swift out paddle boarding. >> would i not tell taylor swift boarding. >> wo[ male announcer ]lor swift a guide to good dipping. everything is better with sabra hummus. observe... little carrot. little bit of hummus. oh, lonely wing... well we have got the perfect match for you. shiny knife. oh, you had me going there for a second. of course you can't beat the classics. delish... sabra hummus. come on. dip life to the fullest. ♪
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>> "tmz," online and on your phone 24/7. >> the "tmz" tour new york city! >> we're taking you to all of the places where we have broken big celebrity news. >> our state of the art bus will take you where the celebrities live. where they shop, where they eat. >> where they play, where they drink. >> and where they drink more. cruise through hot spots like times square, chelsea, tribeca, the meat packing district and the lindsay lohan terror zone! or tickets go to tmztour >> this is a real show where we put on and it's a show where every seat is great. >> all aboard the "tmz" tour new york city. >> how are you doing? >> attention.
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girls and emotionally stunted adult! that's stephenie meyers, "twilight" author, gazillion air and woman who buys the first thought -- war of the best-selling lady authors who books primarily appeal to a female demographic! we really need a better title. anyway, stephenie meyers. >> we ask her an appropriate qution. >> do you have any suggestion for e.l. james how to cast for "50 shades of grey "snoose >> obviously "twilight" was such a huge success in the movies. >> and "50 shades" is like "twilight" but instead of dracula and werewolfs, full body dominatrixui. breathing is fun. what do you say? >> any suggestions for e.l. james how to comfort "50 shades of grey"? >> no, i haven't read it. >> she had to have read it. >> why? >> chicks are competitive. >> god, he knows women. please tell us more 0. >> if you're sanger gone to the top of the charts and all of a sudden somebody else goes to the top of the church, want to know
6:19 pm
what they're song is like. >> you think pavarotti listens to like katey pry? >> not anymore. he's dead. >> that's how you get away from katy perry. anyway, read "50 shades of grey" stephenie meyers. if you don't, you're slapping e.j. james in the face. which you probably would enjoy because if you read her book, you would know she's a -- seriously, thank, guys and nipple plants -- we better stop. unless you want us to keep going. thanks, stephenie meyer. >> coming up -- >> nicole andrews in the new movie "loveless." we asked if she would accept a drink from a guy at the bar. she said maybe some would slip something in it. >> that happens. i have been roofied. >> why were uyou roofied? >> because i have jerk-off friends.
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>> i'm -- >> we have nicole andrews. she's in the new movie "loveless." >> if you're at a bar, right and a guy sent you a drink from the bartender, ok, would you accept the drink?
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>> she goes oh, you mean because somebody might have slipped something in it? >> if there's a roofie in the drink? i would be like is there a roofie? and they would be like of course not. >> can you not buy someone a drink? >> as long as you can see who's pouring it. >> it happens. i have been roofied. >> wait y were you roofied? >> why? because i have jerkoff friends in a fraternity who think it's funny to mess with people. >> are you serious? they roofied dudes in your frat? >> as a joke. we're all hanging out on a tuesday night. >> as a joke. whatever. it's a joke. you wake up next to him and like -- got you! [laughter] >> you need a drink.
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>> now on "extra," usher's courtroom showdown with his ex >> this is ridiculous. >>how he won his ferocious fight to keep his son and how things went from awkward to totally unexpected. "extra" is in court for two star legal battles, amanda bynes forced to stay in the psych ward. really, lindsay? lohan's wild all nighter in a hollywood hotel room eight days after leaving rehab. sources say she had to be removed by security.
6:28 pm
>> the mega pop star she was partying with and could it land her back in treatment? now trending, miley and liam squashing the break-up rumors. the shocking lost photo of a pregnant jackie o smoking. all new kennedy bombshells from j.f.k.'s secret addiction to jackie's face-off with marilyn monroe. >> jackie said go right ahead. you become first lady. >> then she lost over 100 pounds, so did she. >> it's amazing. i feel very happy. >> rocking bikinis on the cover of "people," how they did it. our new a-list interview with "elysium's" matt damon, which a- list couple he is roasting. >> he hit the jackpot. she not so much. and anthony weiner weatherman? >> rainy, cloudy and gray, what is it? stiff upper lip. >> "extra, extra!" >> hey, everyone, weome to "extra" here at the grove, i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. coming up, lindsay back partying again just a week after leaving ha
6:29 pm
details coming up. >> first let's get to tonight's top story. >> two celebrities doing battle before a judge. amanda bynes tries to break free from the psych ward, but first usher fights for his son after he nearly drowned, his ex dragging him into court today for an emergency custody hearing. round two for usher and tameka raymond, a judge granted him custody last year, but she is after the kids again. they spent the most awkward 14 minutes alone in the courtroom ignoring each other, checking their phones. tameka even accidentally flashing her phone to the camera and then breaking down on the witness stand. >> my son had to be revived and brought back to life. my son basically had died. he was in the water for three minute >> i was never made aware that was an issue >> she is demanding primary physical custody of their two sons after 5-year-old usher raymond v nearly drowned on monday. tameka posted this pic of her son in the hospital. he

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